Vaer Srl is based in San Martino in Rio (RE), in the middle of Pianura Padana. For over 30 years it has specialised in mould manifacturing and injection moulding of plastic material.
For a long time now, while offering solutions tailored on customer’s needs, it has produced and sold innovative components for wire fencing installation under the Agojet brand.

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Agojet Cemento is an innovative plastic insert that allows the installation of fencing on concrete walls. The insert supports 38 diameter steel posts and 30×30 T-posts for a maximum fence height of 1.50 mt (4.92 ft).


Fast and easy installation: when the concrete is still fresh, you can insert Agojet Cemento directly in it
Saving of time compared with traditional techniques
Easy and fast post replacement, just taking them out of the insert, without having to break up the whole wall and than building another one
• Provided with a closing cap in order to protect the insert from the water infiltrations
• Made by 100%-recyclable plastic material and dyes consistent with RoHS Directive

• It lasts over 30 years as demonstrated by VAER SRL Anti-hail caps for posts


• For fences up to 1.50 mt (4.92 ft) high
• For 38 diameter steel posts
• For 30×30 T-posts
• Insertion in concrete: 237 mm (9.33 in)
• Total length: 253 mm (9.96 in)


• Perfect fitting of the insert in concrete thanks to the level holder coming with our inserts

All the information about the correct installation of the insert can be visualized and downloaded here

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