Vaer Srl is based in San Martino in Rio (RE), in the middle of Pianura Padana. For over 30 years it has specialised in mould manifacturing and injection moulding of plastic material.
For a long time now, while offering solutions tailored on customer’s needs, it has produced and sold innovative components for wire fencing installation under the Agojet brand.



The possibility to install a fence without using concrete or other adhesives is the main difference between the Agojet innovative system and the traditional technique. But what are the practical advantages for those of you who decide to choose our method?

Non-invasive installation – we say no to excavator and digging 

In the traditional method, in order to pour concrete in the ground, you need to pass through your garden with heavy machinery and dig a big hole, in both cases damaging the field already made.

Installing a fence without using concrete means to avoid all these problems: you just need to make a small hole of a few centimeters with an electric drill in order to put the insert in the ground more easily.

Saving of time 

Thanks to the Agojet system you avoid some installation steps that are, instead, essential in the traditional method. In this way, the time of installation is considerably reduced. Indeed:

  • You don’t have to prepare concrete or other adhesives;
  • You don’t have to wait for the concrete hardening to go on installing the mesh. 

Furthermore, other steps are easier and faster:

  • The digging phase is replaced by a small pre-hole made with an electric drill 
  • The pouring of concrete and the post installation are replaced by directly screwing the insert in the ground thanks to a special electric tool 
  • You put the post straight in the insert and you can immediately install the mesh 

We say no to demolitions and disposals

If you decide to remove the fence or if your posts are damaged, the absence of concrete makes it easier. In the first case you just need to unscrew the inserts and fill the hole with earth. If the posts are damaged or broken, you just need to take them out of the insert and put in a new one. In this way you save time, energy and money.

We say yes to reuse of materials

Our products durability and resistance allow you to take them out of the ground and reuse them to install a new fence. In traditional methods it’s something impossible because of the pouring of concrete.

Lower environmental impact

This choice also have beneficial effects on the environment, from different points of view: 

  • The Agojet screwing in-ground applications are made of 100%-recyclable materials and dyes consistent with RoHS directive. 
  • Reusable products mean a decrease of polluting disposal processes
  • The use of electric tools for installation means an elimination of pollution produced by the fuel of traditional machinery. 

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