Vaer Srl is based in San Martino in Rio (RE), in the middle of Pianura Padana. For over 30 years it has specialised in mould manifacturing and injection moulding of plastic material.
For a long time now, while offering solutions tailored on customer’s needs, it has produced and sold innovative components for wire fencing installation under the Agojet brand.



Are you approaching now the heliciculture sector? Have you got a thriving snail farm but you want a higher degree of protection by weathering and predators? Today we are going to talk about a very valuable topic for you: the security of your animals.

In fact, one of the essential aspects that can make the difference for your farm is the fence system. Both if we are dealing with the perimeter fence and one of the many internal ones, you will need several meters of protection to delimit the space of your animals and to avoid predators get the better of them. This means a relevant investment for your activity.

Agojet and its innovative system for mobile fencing without concrete are the solution you were waiting for, giving you two great advantages:

  • a considerable reduction of the time of installation with a connected decrease of costs
  • the possibility to manage in the best way your enclosures, deciding freely to take the posts out of the inserts and put them in again effortlessly or to move your fence using always the same set of products.

Furthermore, to avoid the predation of your snails by birds, Vaer Srl – Anti-hail System complete the offer providing you also with accessories to create a covering structure for you pens.

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