Vaer Srl is based in San Martino in Rio (RE), in the middle of Pianura Padana. For over 30 years it has specialised in mould manifacturing and injection moulding of plastic material.
For a long time now, while offering solutions tailored on customer’s needs, it has produced and sold innovative components for wire fencing installation under the Agojet brand.

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Av Torx


Av-Torx is an electric nutrunner specifically designed and created to install the screwing inserts (Agojet Torx and Helitorx d.38/T35).


The insert is screwed in the ground without widening the pre-hole diameter, thanks to the electric engine at low-revs. 

Practical and easy to handle tool

• It allows a fast and non-invasive installation, without damaging the garden or the installation spot

• Perfect fitting of the insert in the ground thanks to the level coming with Av-Torx

• It can be carried by hand or with a hand-truck


Electric motor at low-revs

Direction of rotation selector (reversible direction)

Equipped with a level on the top of it

• To use it you need an electric generator or a traditional plug. 


We recommend to make a pre-hole before screwing the insert in the ground. The pre-hole will change in size according to the insert you want to install. 

• Read carefully the instructions coming with the tool before starting using Av-Torx.

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