Vaer Srl is based in San Martino in Rio (RE), in the middle of Pianura Padana. For over 30 years it has specialised in mould manifacturing and injection moulding of plastic material.
For a long time now, while offering solutions tailored on customer’s needs, it has produced and sold innovative components for wire fencing installation under the Agojet brand.

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Agojet Torx d.38/T30


Agojet Torx is an innovative plastic insert that allows the installation of fences avoiding the use of concrete or other adhesives. It is designed to be installed directly into compact and clayey soils. The insert supports 38 diameter steel posts and 30×30 T-posts for a maximum fencing height of 1.20 mt (3.94 ft).


Big saving of time of installation compared with the usual techniques 

No digging or pourings of concrete or other adhesives are necessary 

Movable fence

Fast and easy installation thanks to Av-Torx, electric nutrunner at low revs, or the T-handle Key for a small installations

Fence stability and resistance thanks to the insert conic shape and its relevant thread 

Reusable insert thanks to its high resistance to erosion, breaking and weathering (it lasts over 30 years as demonstrated by VAER SRL Anti-hail caps for posts) 

• Made by 100% recyclable materials and dyes consistent with RoHS Directive 

Easy and fast posts replacement thanks to the insert concave structure


• For fences up to 1.20 mt (3.94 ft) high

• Compact and little gravelly soils 

• For 38 diameter posts

• For 30×30 T-posts

• Insertion in the ground: 450 mm (17.72 in)

• Total length: 500mm (19.69 in)


• To be installed with Av-Torx or a T-handle Key

• Perfect fitting of the insert in the ground thanks to the level coming with our installation tools

All the details about the correct installation of the insert are available here


Agojet Torx has been used also for:
– Fences for small pets
– Fences for heliciculture
– Irrigation systems for berries

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